I go running. Sometimes I try and run quickly or enter races, here's a log so I can compare back.

I recommend Gosia Kuranda, Cambridge Physio who fixed my knee after I hurt it.

You can see my official UKA approved times at power of 10. Unofficially my bests are 5km 18:40 (Cambridge Parkun), 10km 39:44 (Bonfire Burn 10km in Histon), Half Marathon 1:25:06 (Cambridge 2013) and Marathon 2:59:28 (London Marathon 2013). UKA ignore any event that didn't have a license from them or equivalent national body which is irritating.

I'm not going to do anything impressive this year, after my London Marathon in 2013 I had a month off to recover, another month while I was too busy organising a wedding, another month where I swanned round europe eating as much food as possible. I started training again in the autumn and have now hurt my foot. I plan to finish the Boston 2014 marathon either way though.

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