Recent java on etch

So I wish to install the most recent jdk ( onto etch, the basic steps are,

apt-get install java-package fakeroot

fakeroot make-jpkg jdk-6u12-linux-x64.bin 
dpkg -i sun-j2sdk1.6_1.6.0+update12_amd64.deb

Reading the source code of java-package we discover that,

You need to download java-package from lenny, java-package, and install it. Then need to patch /usr/share/java-package/, as follows,

@@ -93,6 +93,11 @@
+       "jdk-6u"[0-9][0-9]"-linux-x64.bin") # SUPPORTED
+           j2se_version=1.6.0+update${archive_name:6:2}${revision}
+           j2se_expected_min_size=130
+           found=true
+           ;;

This will then allow you to build the new debian package for jdk1.6.0.12 for etch and install it with the instructions above.

Signing it

You need to create a .dsc file

Format: 1.0
Source: java-sun-1.6.0_12
Version: 1.6.0_12
Binary: java
Maintainer: [Your name and email address as printed by gpg --list-secret-keys]
Architecture: amd64
Standards-Version: 3.7.2
 c7e410d4108d1eaaa1f85fe43b4597a2  sun-j2sdk1.6_1.6.0+update12_amd64.deb


debsign sun-j2sdk1.6_1.6.0+update12_amd64.dsc

then all you have to do is copy the .deb and .dsc files into your apt repository, rebuild the packages.gz file and you can install java via apt.

Mac OS X and CUPS printing to linux systems.

When you configure a CUPS or IPP printer on MacOS X, it sets the queue name to be ipp://servername/ipp/printername

Under linux (Redhat 9), the queue name is ipp://servername/printers/printername

To edit this, on the MacOS X machine you need to
# killall cupsd
edit /etc/cups/printers.conf

Thanks to Elliot Messenger for supplying the MacOS X laptop and letting me attempt to destroy it

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