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I like the dice game yahtzee. The rules are relatively simple and it can easily be played with only five dice, a piece of paper, a scribble stick and memorization of the relatively simple rules. I spend a great deal of time on trains and at stations, usually I read a book, program my laptop or failing either of those, play DopeWars on my palm. However, when travelling with my girlfriend we need two player games to play, cards and Yahtzee are favourites of ours.

I decided to write Yahtzee for the palm pilot because - a: I wanted to play it, b: I wanted to learn how to program my palm and justify the purchase of the £25 book I bought but hadn't read. So I did.

This is version 2.0.2, it now has computer players and a slightly [though not much] clearer source code. It still suffers from having been written mostly on the train in short segments and as such is rather fragmented.

Enjoy, this is licensed under the GNU GPL, [link].

This software is provided as is - it has no warranty, It may not compile, it may not work, it may break your palm pilot. If you have any problems, you've got the source, fix them yourself. It probably memory leaks, it may overwrite your confidential data, it may post it to the internet, it may be contaminated by viruses. If you want to know exactly what it does read the source, if you're paranoid compile it yourself. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

This was written under RedHat Linux 7.2 on a battered old slow HP Omnibook with vim, it has the POSE emulator for testing running the m100 ROM with the IIIc skin [for no good reason]. I haven't tested the latest version on my palm because I've lost the uplink cable. I used gcc & other free software gubbins to build it. It probably doesn't compile under anything else.


Version 2.0.1 replaces version 2.0. The high score table at the end of the game had gone missing so I've put it back in. Thanks to John D Newsome for pointing this out.

Version 2.0.2 fixes a bug in which the number of rolls didn't reset on starting a new game. Thanks to Frank Billington for spotting this one.


If you happen to really like Yahtzee and wish to show your appreciation then donate about 2x the price of a McDonalds meal to a local charity of your choice that helps out disabled/sick/disadvantaged kids.

Feature Requests

I don't have time to implement these requests that people have made, but patches gratefully accepted.

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